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Strategami (digital)

Based on the Strategami publication, a project that I conceived a few years ago together with Jan-Peter Haack, Lucas Liccini, Lena Wessel, I designed and programmed a digital version. The goal in this digital adaption was to create an intuitive way of navigation through a multilinear storyline – meaning a story in which the reader can decide based on provided options, how the story will progress. The reader takes on the perspective of the main character and is guided through a number of situations. At the end of each situation, the reader must decide between a given set of two options and thusly effects the outcome of the rest of the story. This way the reader can reach 14 different story endings via several possible storylines. Furthermore, several abstract photographs created by Lena Wessel can appear throughout the story that do relate in one way or another to the storyline that the reader chose. At the end of the adventure each strategem one has used one has finished the story is explained as well as an overview of all the 36 strategeme is given. The web-based adaption of the original publication project was realised with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSON.